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You-Track-It Weather Lab
Looking out the window to check the weather is child's play -- but your child is about to become a true meteorologist with this exciting kit!As your junior weather tracker explores the hands-on station at the heart of this kit, he'll learn to keep track of wind speeds using the anemometer and rain with the on-board...
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If you want to know today’s forecast, just ask your kids! Our Weather kits will give your children the real skills of meteorologists. Weather has always fascinated and preoccupied people around the world, especially with its devastating ability to produce powerful tornadoes, destructive hurricanes, frightening earthquakes, and huge tsunamis that leave destruction in their wake. Your kids will be enthralled learning about natural disasters, the history of weather, and the many factors influencing its erratic behavior.
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Young Scientists Set 2 - Weather, States of Matter, Volcanoes
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Kids will have the opportunity to do everything from making their own snow and generating a thunder and lightning show, to creating a tornado and having their own mini hurricane! Along with all the excitement in these weather kits for kids, your children will learn how to use a variety of weather tools including a thermometer, compass, rain gauge, and anemometer to predict climate changes and track different weather conditions. Soon, your young scientists will be able to explain how far away a thunderstorm is or describe the mystery behind a rainbow using real weather terminology. As your kids gain knowledge of weather concepts, they will also be learning about the elements of chemistry, physics, life sciences, states of matter, and so much more. Who needs the local TV weatherman when you have your very own meteorologist at home?
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