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Blasting Off With Erupting Volcanoes
Ms. Frizzle and her students are taking your young scientist on another wild ride! This time the field trip with take the bus-mates into the belly of a volcano as your child learns everything he or she would like to know about volcanoes. Not only will your child be able to decorate his or her own volcano, but prep...
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Sometimes worshiped and sometimes feared, volcanoes are the ultimate in explosive science fun! Our Volcano kits for kids are great for boys and girls as a birthday present, awesome science fair project, or just some household fun using everyday kitchen items. Both safe and easy to use, volcano kits teach your children about the inner workings of the Earth by taking them on a journey all the way to the Earth’s core and back through the crater of a volcano.
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Young Scientists Set 2 - Weather, States of Matter, Volcanoes
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Volcanoes Kid Kit
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These earth science kits demonstrate how magma, volcanic rocks, and tectonic plates collaborate to form these earth shaking and ground forming feats of nature. After designing and building their own volcano, kids will experiment to make the best chemical formula for lava and test which mixture creates the most lava and biggest amount of force. Your children will be able to quiz one another on the history of powerful volcanoes, the different types and parts, how certain islands came to be, and where volcanoes are located. By using the scientific method to create and test hypotheses, children will already have a strong educational foundation to help them succeed in the classroom for years. Make great memories as you and your children recreate the most exciting, and sometimes frightening, force of nature in your home and enjoy the look on their faces when lava spews from the volcano they made!
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