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Triops and Triops Eggs

Triassic Triops
Triops! With our Triops kits, prehistoric creatures spring back to life, by simply adding water. Witness how suspended animation saved this creature from extinction. Each kit is complete; containing everything you need to grow these amazing pets. Provided with spring water and light, the Triops will quickly grow to...
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Bring the past to life by hatching your own prehistoric pets! Triops Launcauditus are ancient creatures all the way from the Triassic period! They were able to survive extinction through an amazing biological process called embryonic diapause. This fantastic feat stops the Triops eggs development until the conditions are perfect for hatching which protects the delicate eggs during seasonal dry periods. Click here for Triops instructions.
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Triassic Triops DLX
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Triops Hatchery
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Triassic Triops with Space-Age Tank
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Triassic Triops
Regular Price: $9.95
Our low price: $5.00
When your children add water at the ideal temperature they will trigger the eggs to hatch and little three-eyed pets will emerge! Springing to life, triops will double in size almost daily taking less than month to fully grow. Requiring minimal care and maintenance, these prehistoric creatures are great for novice pet owners or as a classroom pet. The astounding diapause concept that saved triops from extinction has been applied to medical research as well as space travel, giving your children an opportunity to learn about a wide range of scientific concepts. Explore ancient life, marine biology, and life cycles as your kids observe their new pets helping to expanding their scientific knowledge base and assist them in the classroom. Triop kits for kids make spectacular gifts for boys and girls of all ages or fantastic science fair projects, just add water and watch your new pets awaken from their slumber!
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