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Fish in a Jiff
Fish in a Jiff

Fish in a Jiff

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...and we really mean 'in a jiff': within a few (2 to 48) hours after your child has placed the fish eggs in water, she'll be jumping up and down with excitement as she spots the itty-bitty fish swimming about! But there's more: their quick growth is just one of the intriguing aspects of these fish and their amazing eggs...

So what's the secret to the fantastic growth and egg survival of these fish, known as 'killifish'? It's embryonic diapause, a state of suspended animation that halts the development of the eggs when their seasonal pond dries up, keeping them alive and ready to hatch for years at a time. When your child adds the eggs to bottled water at just the right temperature, this signals the eggs to continue their development, hatching quickly -- and within six weeks, your child's beautifully colorful killifish will be fully grown to about two inches long.

Besides the fascinating facts of diapause itself, there's plenty to discuss with your child when it comes to these little aquatic wonders: Diapause has significant potential scientific applications, including medical research and future space travel; in fact, NASA has studied the growth of these very eggs on the space station -- now that should really stir your child's excitement! And both you and your child can appreciate that the eggs in this kit are specially grown rather than harvested from the wild, protecting the fish and their delicate natural ecosystem.

Fish in a Jiff Kit includes:

  • Mail-in order form for killifish egg packet: enough to hatch 2 to 5 fish
  • specially designed tank that promotes optimum hatching and growth, and allows ideal observation
  • 5X magnifier built into top
  • built-in 'observation station'
  • thermo-strip (to attach to outside of tank)
  • bonus brine shrimp egg packet

In preparation for hatching your child's fish (once eggs are ordered), you will also need to gather these items: bottled drinking water, a light source such as a desk lamp, one 6 oz. dish or cup for hatching brine shrimp, non-iodized table salt, and baking soda.

As educational as they are entertaining, killifish are sure to be the new favorite family pets.

Ages 8 and up.

WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
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