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Sea-Monkey Instructions

You will find instructions on how to raise your Sea-Monkeys listed below. These instructions are also available in an Adobe Acrobat pdf file.

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Rinse out your tank several times in hot water.

Fill the tank with bottled drinking water or boiled tap water. Fill to 1.2cm from top of tank.

Pour Pouch #1 Water Purifier into tank.

Stir the powder for approximately 1 minute, until the powder is dissolved.

Let the tank stand for 24 hours at room temperature.

Pour Pouch #2 Sea-Monkey Instant Live Eggs into the tank.

Stir the powder approximately 1 minute, until the powder is dissolved.

If you look carefully, you will see your new Sea-Monkey babies hatching before your eyes. Use the magnifiers to get a closer look.

Keep the lid on the top of the tank. This will keep the water from evaporating.

Keep your tank out of direct sunlight, but in a room where there is indirect light.
After 5 days, you will need to feed your growing Sea-Monkeys. Use the small scoop on your feeding spoon, add 1 scoop from Pouch #3 Sea-Monkey Growth Food.

Feed approximately once a week. If the water is getting cloudy, you are feeding too often. As your Sea-Monkeys get bigger, in about 1 month, they will need more food.

The water in your tank will slowly evaporate. When the water level in your tank has gone down 25cm, refill with boiled or bottled water.

Check out our convenient guide for optimum water temperature for hatching your Sea Monkeys.

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