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Balance Bird
Balance this amazing bird on almost anything you can think of - your finger, TV or computer monitor, or your own idea for a stand. It helps teach the principles of gravity and center of mass and makes a unique and interesting display. Brilliantly colored in non-toxic shades.Ages 5 and up.
Reg Price: $4.95
Our Price: $2.00
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Perfect for imaginative play and building curiosity in various branches of science, our science toys for kids offer a wide variety of educational and creative opportunities for children of all ages! Focusing on basic science concepts in fields such as physics and biology, science toys inspire children to pursue in-depth understanding about their new favorite toys and support an expanding love for the realms of science they represent.
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Foamfetti 5-Pack
Regular Price: $14.99
Our low price: $7.50
Foamfetti 10-Pack
Regular Price: $24.99
Our low price: $9.00
Foamfetti 3-Pack - Wild About Animals
Regular Price: $9.99
Our low price: $5.00
Foamfetti 3-Pack - Fairy Tale Princess
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Foamfetti 3-Pack - All-Star Sports
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Balance Bird
Regular Price: $4.95
Our low price: $2.00
EarthBall - 1 Meter
Regular Price: $125.99
Our low price: $124.95
Streptococcus Mini Microbes in Petri Dish
Regular Price: $12.95
Our low price: $7.77
Eyewitness Mold-It Casting Kit
Regular Price: $15.00
Our low price: $7.00
Great for rainy days or just some indoor family entertainment, kids can have educational fun side by side with parents using any one of our science toy products. Make memorable creations and learn the science of paleontology with molding kits, or kids can play some fun practical jokes on Dad with a mechanical tarantula that also helps them study the fascinating characteristics of arachnids. Little science enthusiasts will love adding one of our exciting science toys to their growing collection and showing them off to their friends and family; kids can impress everybody with everything they learned while having fun. Utilize science toys in the classroom to enrich any science lesson plan or place them in an office waiting room to keep little ones entertained. Give a loved one a science toy for his or her next birthday or during the next holiday for a unique and amusing gift everybody will be sure to love!
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