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Saber Tooth Tiger Skull Replica with Stand
Saber Tooth Tiger Skull Replica with Stand

Saber Tooth Tiger Skull Replica with Stand

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As a true fossil replica, the Skullduggery Saber Tooth Tiger Skull has been molded from the original. Every tooth, line, and detail has been accurately represented on the skull, and the included oak stand makes the piece ready for display. Featuring an antique finish, the skull even appears to be thousands of years old. Posed with its mouth open and two large sabers as the focal point, this Saber Tooth Tiger is a museum quality replica that looks great on display anywhere. It can add a touch of intrigue to the non-fiction section of the library, or a school can purchase it is a shared asset between science teachers.

Despite its being extinct for approximately 12,000 years, the Saber Tooth Tiger, or Smilodon Californicus, still amazes students and provides an interesting look into the Earth’s past. Immediately catch the interest of students when discussing the different geologic periods in Earth’s history by allowing them to observe and analyze an exact replica in person. Life science lessons could include comparing and contrasting the features of the Saber Tooth Tiger Skull with modern day tigers and students analyzing how the fossil replica’s unique features aided its predatory instincts.

The Skullduggery Saber Tooth Tiger Skull with Stand has the following features:

  • Exact Replica Molded from Original Skull
  • Antique Finish
  • Measures 13 Inches Long, 8 Inches Wide, and 12 Inches High
  • Museum Quality
  • Solid Oak Display Base
  • Rotationally Cast
  • Manufactured by Skullduggery
  • Ships within one week from time of purchase

Ages 8 and up

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