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Physics Kits

Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab
Utilizing a play area that stands over two feet tall, children will apply the downward force of gravity to accelerate balls down a series of crazy ramps, gears, and levers with the SmartLab Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab. Featuring over 60 unique contraption pieces that seem to be inspired by the inventions of Rube ...
Reg Price: $39.99
Our Price: $26.00
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Let your children find their inner Newton with our physics kits for kids! While gaining an intuitive understanding of the various properties and laws of physics through the use of the intriguing experiments and models, kids will sharpen their familiarity with the scientific method as well as how to properly use scientific lab equipment. Through the power of physics, children will be able to have fun launching marshmallows, creating their own gravity-defying goo, and much more with the engaging activities presented in our physics kits.
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Air-Stream Machines
Regular Price: $69.95
Our low price: $35.00
Physics: Force & Pressure
Regular Price: $13.95
Our low price: $6.00
Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab
Regular Price: $39.99
Our low price: $26.00
ScienceWiz Physics
Regular Price: $19.99
Our low price: $17.95
Wind Powered Landsailer
Regular Price: $24.99
Our low price: $13.00
Marshmallow Launcher Kit
Regular Price: $19.99
Our low price: $11.00
Young Scientists Set 5 - Water, Capillary Action, Air
Regular Price: $24.99
Our low price: $12.00
Young Scientists Set 12 - Surface Tension, Polymers, Famous Scientists
Regular Price: $24.99
Our low price: $12.00
Balance Bird
Regular Price: $4.95
Our low price: $2.00
Illustrated Dictionary of Physics
Regular Price: $12.99
Our low price: $12.49
Useful diagrams and easy to follow instructions lead your children through simple machines, quantum mechanics, and aeronautics as they will eventually be able to design and carry out their own physics experiments and improve their analytical thinking skills. Taking one of their original experiments to a school science fair will be sure to set you children apart from other students and they will have a blast showing off all that they have learned. Kids can also use the included quiz cards and fun facts to study and test their newly gained knowledge for better retention of physics vocabulary and theories. Great for teachers, students, and science buffs these kits help to build a better scientific understanding of this essential science through first-hand exploration and experimentation. No prior knowledge is needed to have a fun and effective educational experience with our wide selection of fun physics kits!
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