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classic microscopes for kids
My First Lab Who Dunnit Scope
With the My First Lab Whodunnit? Detective Spy Scope (Model MFL-007) your child can be a super slueth! Following clues and cases that are both challanging and fun! First of its kind microscope that includes a black light to help kids study evidence just like professional forensic investigators. Go under cover,...
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Our Price: $80.00
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Build a love of science through fascinating up close observation using one of our microscopes for kids. While classic microscopes are a traditional science tool that children love to use, now they can also put their tech savvy skills to work by saving and sharing microscopic images on the computer with a digital microscope. As they gain an up close look at three dimensional objects using lower magnification, or using high magnification to examine specimen samples at the cellular level, children will acquire valuable skills they are sure to use over and over again in the classroom, including making observations, recording data, proper measuring techniques, and familiarity with lab equipment.

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Many of our kid's microscopes come with sample prepared slides, but children can easily continue building a collection of cool specimens to observe with sets of pre-mounted slides and samples they prepare and mount on their own. One of the most fun parts about having a microscope is searching for something to observe. Whether it is a bit of fuzz off of the carpet, an onion peel, or a set of prepared microscope slides, your son or daughter is going to love seeing how amazingly different things look at high magnification with the different objective lenses. Microscope kits designed for beginners which include all of the tools kids need to identify the key parts and functions of the microscope. Choosing an appropriate microscope for your son or daughter will help to build their interest in science at a young age, and it is an excellent strategy for teaching children observation skills, patience, and following a logical, organized process.
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