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Magic Penny Magnet Kit
This award-winning kit is better than ever thanks to additional coins and an enhanced and updated activity booklet! With this extraordinary kit, children and adults alike will learn things that even top scientists and engineers have found amazing. You can:make pennies spin at 1,000 revolutions per minutebuild rim-s...
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Our Price: $19.95
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Your kids will be mysteriously drawn to discover the magic of magnetism! Magnet kits for kids demonstrate the many practical uses of magnets and give children first-hand experience with this invisible scientific phenomenon as they explore and experiment with magnetism and its unique properties of attraction. Whether it is a beginner kit for younger children just gaining an interest in science or a more challenging set for kids with a little extra experience, people of all ability levels will be amazed to see the power of magnets make pennies spin at super-fast speeds and defy gravity with levitating pyramids.
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Giant Horseshoe Magnet Kit
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While learning important scientific concepts, including equilibrium and magnetic fields, both kids and parents will have fun testing different metals with a variety of magnets or even constructing their very own magnetic doodle pad. Each kit comes with an engaging activity book filled with fun facts, detailed instructions, and experiment ideas to keep the educational fun going beyond the pages. Along with learning magnetic concepts, your child will utilize the scientific method like real scientists to form hypotheses and draw conclusions based on observations during the experiments. Your kids will also be learning about the everyday applications of magnets, including the engineering behind subways, roller-coasters, and the navigation science responsible for compasses. Perfect for classroom lessons or in-home learning our magnet kits for kids offer a hands-on, tangible way to educate children about physics and natural sciences. Donít fight the attraction you and your kids will have to this educational fun!
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