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Learn the fascinating science behind everything living! Our life science kits for kids teach a variety of important biological concepts in fun and engaging ways. Everything from ant farms to terrariums help children gain a better understanding of the life around them and human-environment interactions.

In-depth study of biology, ecology, chemistry, paleontology and much more are incorporated into our wide variety of interactive books and hands-on kits. Life science kits make learning about the complex wonders of nature a tangible, interactive experience that is sure to increase children’s retention of important information and scientific comprehension. Whether you have a future doctor on your hands or an emerging young botanist, any little science lover will be captivated while exploring the wild animal kingdom or going deep inside tiny human cells. Sure to fuel any child’s scientific curiosity, our educational kits are always safe and entertaining. To build a solid educational foundation in kids, life science kits encourage practicing important skills while utilizing the scientific method and recording detailed observations. Whether it grows in your garden, crawls along the ground, or is a part of your body, life science kits for kids allow an amazing range of opportunities for scientific observation and discovery. Bring our life science products into the classroom for new exciting twist on lesson plans or use them at home for open-ended fun with the family!
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