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Hot Dots Learning System

Hot Dots is one of the most motivational and successful learning systems we've seen for individual, pair, or small-group study -- in the classroom or at home! Teachers and parents everywhere are enjoying excellent results with Hot Dots as their students eagerly grab the Talking Hot Dots Pen and jump into engaging game-style learning, review, and skills practice.

The interactive, self-checking nature of the Hot Dots program is the key to its success in both student interest and learning effectiveness. Your student receives immediate, friendly feedback on each answer, with the opportunity to reconsider his response and try again and again until he answers correctly, thereby learning at his own pace. You can also use Hot Dots cards without the Talking Hot Dots Pen, which makes this system more versatile than console-type electronic tutors. Either way, Hot Dots is an enjoyable, frustration-free way for your student to learn and reinforce important skills in every area from Language Arts and Math facts to Reading Comprehension and Phonics, and beyond.

The black 'Hot Dots' on each card work in tandem with the Talking Hot Dots Pen: As soon as your student presses the Pen to the large Hot Dot accompanying her chosen answer, the Pen reacts with lights, words/phrases and/or sound effects for on-the-spot, entertaining feedback. When your student answers correctly, the Pen's response congratulates her and motivates her to continue; when she answers incorrectly, the Pen's feedback puts her at ease and encourages her to keep trying. The Pen also lights up brightly in either green (correct response) or red (incorrect response), which provides your student with an additional visual cue and is also useful when you wish to turn off the sounds for a quiet environment. When the Pen's audio feedback is turned on, you can casually monitor your student's progress and help him if needed.

The Hot Dots program is sure to keep your student involved in every subject -- being 'allowed' to study with Hot Dots feels like a reward! Whether you use it for centers in your elementary classroom, home school one or more of your children, or want to reinforce and expand upon what your child has learned in school, you will find Hot Dots invaluable to your student's learning experience. The self-checking Hot Dots program engages, entertains, and encourages your students as they work independently toward their educational goals!

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