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Chemistry Sets With Themes

SmartLab Extreme Secret Formula Lab
'Secret Formula': few phrases stir such eager excitement in kids -- add to that the 'Extreme' attraction of glow powder aplenty, and you've got a kit that your child simply can't resist! Your aspiring chemical engineer will dive right into the over-the-top chemistry set that is the SmartLab Extreme Secret Formula ...
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Our Price: $18.95
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Future chemists in a unique range of industries will giggle with delight while investigating the many scientific wonders of everything ooey, gooey, and totally gross! Sometimes yucky yet always educational, our crazy chemistry sets for kids help build a fantastic scientific foundation through engaging and silly experiments.
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Power Putty Slimes
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Test Tube Adventures
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While spending hours experimenting with hilarious results, kids will discover science secrets behind disgusting occurrences like stinky foot odor, how to make slimy fake snot, and even growing an en-GROSS-ing bacteria farm. Irresistible to any curious kid, over-the-top chemistry sets are excellent teaching resources because of the educational hooks involving slimy, fizzy, and gooey experiments. Children will gain important science skills and knowledge while working through the scientific method and thinking analytically to measure, observe, and classify results from their experiments. While creating their crazy concoctions kids will be learning about polymers, chemical bonds, acids and bases, and so much more in cool new ways. Always safe and easy to use, our chemistry sets include durable tools and clear, concise directions to guide your child through each experiment in a kid-friendly manner. Crazy chemistry sets will inspire your kids to take their science fair projects from ordinary to something truly exciting while encouraging them to continue their educational journey through the wonderful world of chemistry!
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