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Catapult Kit
Catapult Kit

Catapult Kit

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We can be sure that launching boulders was neither entertaining nor educational for the medieval soldiers using the dreaded catapult, but throwing things is certainly both for our kids today! Building and then wielding their own single-lever catapult is one of the most exciting ways for your child to learn about trajectory, potential and kinetic energy, and other fascinating aspects of physics. And if that child happens to be a fan of knights, castles, and the like, then it's an extra thrill (it's sized for 1/18 scale figures for playtime).

This catapult is 'old school' in more ways than one -- not only is it an effective replica of an actual medieval weapon, it's also powered without batteries or a motor of any kind, just by the laws of physics! The simple design is comprised of only wood, twine, and leather; there are no screws or nails (and so no tools) necessary, just a bit of glue to secure the wooden parts and dowel pieces in the pre-drilled holes. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow, and your child can take the Catapult Kit from box to battle in just an hour or two.

Once they've waited for the glue to dry, your young engineer-knight can get down to siege business, launching a ball of the included soft clay and watching it fly up to 15 feet! It is infinitely interesting to watch a young mind at work as your child considers objects of different sizes, shapes, and weights to test-launch. You can aid the educational process by helping your child record their distance predictions, results, and notes for each launch. What better way for a kid to spend an afternoon that hurling things through the air, and learning along the way!

Assembled catapult measures approx. 6 x 5 x 10 inches.

Ages 10 and up (adult supervision recommended).

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