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Safety Cautions
AntWorks gel habitats are something to behold! Watch ants create 3-D tunnels in this special, translucent nutrient gel. Since the gel provides food and water for the ants, they require no care - they're the perfect pets!

Featured in TIME Magazine's 'Best Inventions' 2005 issue and recipient of the 2006 Teachers Choice award, AntWorks gel habitat was born from a 2003 NASA experiment to study animal life in space.

To begin, simply prod little starting point holes in the non-toxic gel. Now get out into the garden or park and catch about 15 ants to populate the colony, or have them delivered for $3.00 with the enclosed order form. Put them in the AntWorks, replace the lid...and watch - within days the ants will burrow out an amazing 3-D pattern of channels, each clearly visible in cross-section through the walls of the container.

Besides providing a safe, ecologically-correct habitat, the gel also provides the ants' food and water. Maintenance is minimal: You simply need to open the lid for a moment every now and again to aerate the interior, and occasionally clean the top.


  • Sturdy, attractive acrylic container measures 6.5 x 5.5 x 1.25 in. (14 x 16.5 x 3 cm).
  • Worker ants conveniently carry those who have passed away to the top for easy disposal.
  • Average ant life expectancy: 6 months.
  • Gel can be reused with more ants.
  • The perfect educational gift for all ages


  • AntWorks Habitat with gel
  • Jeweler's lens to get up-close and personal with your ants
  • Magnifying glass
  • Plastic rod to start the holes in gel or use to catch ants
  • Instruction manual/interesting ant facts booklet
  • Coupon for Utah's finest ants!

Ages 6 and up.

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