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Ant-O-Sphere 8-Pod
Welcome to the ant farm of the future! There may not be any little hover-boards or teleporters, but the Ant-O-Sphere does feature 8 space-age pods. The pods have 3 viewing lenses to allow your children a magnificent view of the extraordinary behaviors of ants in a setting that is designed to be surprisingly similar...
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Our Price: $48.99
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Turn your children's innate fascination with bugs into a wonderful educational experience! Our huge selection of ant farms for kids features kits that are exciting for boys and girls of all ages. Ants require minimal care and maintenance, making them the perfect pet for classrooms or young children who are novices at pet ownership.
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Ant Farm Revolution
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Ant Farm
Regular Price: $16.99
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Giant Ant Farm
Regular Price: $25.00
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Ant Hill
Regular Price: $19.99
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GeoSafari Ant Factory
Regular Price: $32.99
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All of our ant farms for sale are safe and secure to ensure your ants stay in their home and out of yours. Surprisingly similar in design to real-life ant habitats, ant farms are an inexpensive way to get a first-hand look at one of Mother Nature's most intriguing creatures. Commonly referred to as "super organisms," ant colonies demonstrate amazing teamwork skills as they efficiently tunnel through their underground world building caverns, mining passageways, and going about their daily activities. By actually being able to watch the industrious behaviors of the underground creatures, children's observation skills and knowledge of basic ecology will increase while learning about ant life cycles, how ant colonies work together, and the differences between species of ants. Choose between traditional dirt and sand habitats or give your ants a more futuristic looking gel home that illuminates in the dark for a cool twist on a timeless classic. These ant farm kits for kids make awesome science fair projects and spectacular birthday gifts that will provide long lasting entertainment and education.
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