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Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit
Featuring five real shark teeth, the Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit allows children to actually hold the tools sharks used to capture and eat their prey. Children can compare and contrast the selection of shark teeth to see which sharks were possibly bigger or more aggressive. While each the five real shark teeth act...
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Our Price: $15.00
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Unleash the zoologist inside your little animal lover! Our animal kits give kids a fun way to learn basic and advanced concepts of wildlife biology with engaging hands-on activities. Children will travel through the dangers of the jungle to learn about fierce lions and giant elephants or go deep underwater to study different types of sharks, the most feared creatures in the ocean.
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Real Bug Dig Kit
Regular Price: $15.95
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4D Vision Frog Anatomy Model
Regular Price: $27.99
Our low price: $15.00
Owl Pellet - Vole Skeleton
Regular Price: $4.99
Our low price: $2.00
Veterinarian Career Book & Set
Regular Price: $18.95
Our low price: $5.00
Eyewitness Lion Casting Kit
Regular Price: $15.00
Our low price: $7.00
Eyewitness Mold-It Horse Casting Kit
Regular Price: $15.00
Our low price: $7.00
Eyewitness Mold-It Shark Casting Kit
Regular Price: $15.00
Our low price: $7.00
Young Scientists Set 10 - Plants, Eggs, Owls
Regular Price: $24.99
Our low price: $12.00
During their explorations, junior scientists will build familiarity with vocabulary and biological concepts as they test their own knowledge with detailed charts and three-dimensional models. While examining their favorite animals, kids will learn valuable life lessons about the importance of respecting animals and the enormous responsibility that comes with pet ownership. Open your son or daughter’s eyes to the magical animal kingdom and let them see how they can get even more involved through several career paths and community opportunities as their curiosity and love for animals grow. Watch proudly as your kids show off their new knowledge on the next family trip to the zoo, the neighborhood park, or with the next great science fair project using our animal kits as inspiration to flex their creativity. Utilize these safe and sanitary animal kits in the classroom, 4-H clubs, or at home for educational fun that are sure to encourage the next generation of zoologists and veterinarians!
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